A Fassi F255RA at the service of tilers

Speed and safety. Flexibility and power. These are the four characteristics that pushed the German construction company Fliesen-Witzig to choose an F255RA for material handling and lifting operations in their daily work.

Its advantages? “The excellent lifting capacities, high manoeuvrability, the possibility of working in small spaces and on difficult construction sites”, as confirmed by Tobias Lindner, Fassi sales consultant for the Eastern Germany Northern Region.

One of the most recent interventions concerns its use for the movement of 7 quintals of tiles, brought without any difficulty to the fourth floor of a building in nearby Wurzen-Nord.

The F255RA mounted on a 3-axle MAN-TGS chassis loaded 700 kilograms of tiles to be placed inside the apartments undergoing renovation managed by the construction cooperative Wurzen eG.

The Fliese-Witzig vehicle, driven by Karsten Müller, arrived under the building where the two tilers Jürgen Heuschkel and Meinhard Tauchnitz were waiting for it on the fourth floor.

The operation of stabilizing the vehicle, moving and unloading the goods took less than 30 minutes overall: Müller prepared the crane by positioning the hydraulic stabilizer of the truck and lowering the side of the body. Using the Fassi radio control, he opened the telescopic extensions of the crane and hooked the load. The 7 quintals of tiles were raised to a height of 14 meters and then unloaded manually because the roof of the counter prevented direct installation on the floor.

“We chose the Fassi 255RA crane set up on a MAN-TGS with 3-axle chassis, after careful evaluation – explains Jan Witzig, owner of the construction company -. It is a solution that adapts perfectly to our daily work routine and thanks to this crane many operations can be carried out more quickly and safely. Furthermore, the workload of my staff has been significantly reduced.”

A satisfaction that is also highlighted by Karsten Müller, an employee of Fliesen-Witzig: “I must say that it was a truly excellent investment.”

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