A F1650RA in Denmark

Vognmand Erling Andersen was the first company to import the F1950RAL to Denmark and shortly after has now expanded its fleet with the F1650RA.2.28, equipped with L616L jib. Thanks to the collaboration with the Danish distributor, Fassi Kraner APS, the company led by Camilla and Casper Andersen brought home a Fassi crane that is “versatile and approved for multiple possible uses”, as the two siblings emphasise. Vognmand Erling Andersen in fact works in several areas, from construction to the nautical sector, and requires machines that can guarantee flexibility and high performances.

It was the crane’s weight that made its installation onto a very compact 4-axle vehicle possible. Additionally, the front stabiliser, reinforced to 50 tonnes, enables optimal work in the front area of the truck as well, without compromising stability. The crane is equipped with various technological control systems, including CCD (Cabin Collision Detection), AWC (Automatic Winch Control) and the IoC (Internet of Cranes) for remote assistance for the crane.

  • Sectors Logistic • Construction
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