Our planet is changing rapidly. Just a few of the challenges facing humanity are population growth, the increasing lack of natural resources and how to protect the environment. As these issues affect every level of society, the Fassi Group wants to play its part. We believe that our companies have the responsibility to not only innovate by finding solutions but more significantly to ensure their effective implementation across our business.


The reduction of environmental impact is a corporate cornerstone

As such, corporate sustainability is an integral aspect of the entire value chain. This includes designing lighter cranes that save on fuel costs for the vehicles conveying them, to implementing clean production processes, for example, the application of water-based coatings and environmental management practices in compliance with ISO 14001 standards, which received certification in 2018. But the Fassi concept of sustainability extends well beyond the factories. We are committed to social issues and take part in the promotion of educational projects for safe crane use, as well as initiation programmes for young talents in a wide range of sporting disciplines.


We do this because corporate sustainability and social commitment are important factors in guaranteeing the future of the group. Facing these challenges today means we can identify solutions for tomorrow and create opportunities instead of coming to a dead end. Our aim is to be responsible, while creating value for society, the environment and for our company.


The non-profit association WePlanet’s mission is to promote and develop cultural, training and environmental protection initiatives for sustainable development and a circular economy, with the community and individuals at the centre of a horizon of shared values for the future of humanity.

WePlanet is an innovative startup operating in the sectors of art, design, creativity and education. It was founded with the objective of promoting initiatives with the protection of the planet at their heart. The aim is to interactively draw attention to issues of sustainability and innovation.

“100 Globes for a Sustainable Future” is a Weplanet project sponsored by the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region that uses the language of art and creativity to raise critical awareness of the urgency of safeguarding natural and environmental resources, controlling climate change and defending biodiversity by emphasising how crucial individual behaviour is.

100 globes, made and reproduced from large, recycled materials and each with a diameter of over 1.3 cm and an overall height of 1.7 cm, will become the media entrusted to one hundred artists, designers and creatives, to interpret and make people reflect on their lifestyles, making environmental protection the focus.

WePlanet aims to involve companies, organisations and foundations that, by supporting the work of the artists and the mission of the project, will show by choosing one of the 100 globes how they have managed to combine innovation with sustainability. Fassi Gru therefore has its own globe created by Andrea Boschetti and entitled “The sea of responsibility”.

“The issue of environmental sustainability involves everyone. Those of us who are part of the production system are also directly involved especially. We must bring this concept into everything we do. On an operational level, all the companies in the group apply a single integrated quality-environment management system (ISO 14001:2015 certification), which guarantees company growth in accordance with consistent and quantitative objectives for environmental protection, safety, working environments and product quality,” says Giovanni Fassi, chairman of Fassi Gru S.p.A. The company is one of the first to join the Weplanet initiative, not only by adopting the globe but also by joining the startup.

Unstoppable, together. The Fassi Group

Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we always have to safeguard the principles of quality, excellence and innovation. These are the distinguishing features of Fassi’s spirit. And let us not forget our enthusiasm for new challenges.