The F1650RA surpasses itself

The F1650RA has lived up to expectations; precise manoeuvres in a challenging situation confirm the supremacy of the model, one of the largest in the Fassi range. The crane from Fassi’s heavy-duty range, belonging to the company Jurda Hebetechnik, was used to unload two F820RAs and an F1650RA in the Buchen warehouses of the company Lyma

Versatility, speed and strength. In short, the F1650RA, a crane that is becoming well-known throughout Germany thanks to the work of its dealers, re-sellers and clients within the country. One of these, Marcel Jurda, owner of the company Jurda Hebetechnik, based in Heilbronn, sought out the F1650RA for its strength and high-performance values. One of the very first jobs undertaken by Jurda’s F1650RA was carried out “at home”, lifting and moving two F820RAs and its “twin” in the warehouses of the company Lyma Autokran, which specialises in constructing industrial vehicles.

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