Pruning and tree felling

One of the first companies to get a Jekko JF545 was Bendini Autotrasporti from Marzabotto near Bologna. This company was founded in 1979 as a road haulage company. Today, the company also specialises in lifting equipment and hire. Its customers come mainly from northern Italy and it has a fleet consisting of mainly cranes for vehicles, platforms and semitrailers.

“The basic reason for purchasing a tracked articulated crane”, explains Emanuele Bendini, the son of the founder Pino, who now runs the company alongside his father, “is to extend our fleet with a machine that cannot be compared with any of the others and offers opportunities that are inconceivable with a vehicle-mounted crane. It has given us a keen competitive edge with very encouraging results”.

The opportunities are above all logistical. Bendini continues: “We have many vehicle-mounted articulated cranes. It must be remembered that a vehicle-mounted crane cannot access certain areas but today we have overcome these constraints with the JF545. We can now reach areas and spaces we couldn’t think of reaching before. For example, we can access industrial production areas, lift and position machinery directly with the crane. The tracks mustn’t be underestimated either because as we often work in the foothills of the Apennines we have to work in places with height differences and in areas with rough surfaces. The tracked crane is an advantage in these cases as well”.


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