FROM THE MAGAZINE Fassi F1450R-XHP TECHNO. Make way for the new generation of cranes

The F1450-HXP TECHNO marks the beginning of a new generation of cranes. A true leap in innovation that exalts the performance of the machine thanks to a combination of diverse and innovative functions and technologies.

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FROM THE GROUP FX990, Fassi’s new electronic control unit

Fassi is once again a technological pioneer. The new FX990 control unit marks a passage to Ethernet communication and sees the introduction of a series of innovations that are the result of years of research

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NEW PRODUCTS Vimek comes with upgraded forestry machine models

Vimek comes with upgraded forestry machine models

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Ligne assemblage Marrel 1
FROM THE MAGAZINE Marrel, the new rear underrun protection range

On 1 September 2021 the R58-03 regulation for Rear Underrun Protection came into effect, increasing admissible stresses to RUPs by 80% in the event of a crash. It’s a standard that Marrel has taken as an opportunity to improve its product range by completely redesigning the RUP range

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LAST NEWS Jekko and the new products at Bauma 2022

Jekko and the new addition to its range between innovation and sustainability. For this show, Jekko focuses on innovation and progress, two crucial values for the challenges the company has decided to tackle in the current years in order to strengthen its position as sector leading player.

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Unstoppable, together. The Fassi Group

Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we always have to safeguard the principles of quality, excellence and innovation. These are the distinguishing features of Fassi’s spirit. And let us not forget our enthusiasm for new challenges.

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