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Oct 27 ‘23

The new RZ13TR for the recycling sector

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A crane that represents the perfect synthesis between experience, technology, machines and applications from different worlds that converge in the Fassi Group. The RZ13TR crane is designed by Cranab and was entirely built in the Fassi factories to be used in the exponentially growing recycling and green sector. From handling metallic materials to the maintenance of green areas in urban zones and other areas, to the collection of containers for glass, the recycling and disposal of tyres and landfill works, the RZ13TR arrives on the market bringing high performance in terms of lifting capacity and an efficient level of maintenance services.

“The RZ13TR model,” explains Marco Del Campanile, Fassi Manager for the Italian market of Marrel and Cranab, “was designed to fulfil the need for a product which, thanks to its dimensions and geometry, would guarantee the possibility of assembly on demountable vehicle bodies or for all those types of installation where the containment of the overall dimensions under the base is essential, without compromising on distance and lifting performances.”

In closed transport mode, the RZ13TR has a height from the base of 2500 mm, complete with control seat, and a space under the base of 190 mm so that it can be installed on a subframe without taking up additional space at the level of the chassis of a truck. This is useful above all for installations on demountable truck bodies whose structural profile supporting the crane and the body itself is normally 200 mm.

“Typical work in the recycling sector requires the option of being able to operate with a wide variety of structures for filling containers or demountable containers,” continues Del Campanile, “and it is for this reason that, to give an example of the many characteristics of which we have taken into account, the crane was designed with an exceptional verticalisation capacity in mind, obtaining a distance of only 1070 mm between the centre of the crane and the hook. Another example is the dimension in the transport position laid out in the box, contained in 5340 mm, so as to be able to keep the accessory mounted at the tip of the crane and stay within 6 m, which is the almost standard internal length of demountable truck bodies and many bins used for the transport of material for recycling.” The crane is an effective 12 tonne/m capacity model with unique lifting performance for the category, which for example enables the use of a polyp grab capable of collecting larger volumes with a tip load of 1230 kg to maximise the profitability of the work. We must not forget the simplicity of the systems mandatory for the CE market; these too, like the crane itself, are “Made in Fassi”. Through the FX200 limiter and the FSC stability control system proposed in the L and M1 variants, systems able to protect the operator without compromising on speed, the ability to operate in confined areas where all stabilisers cannot be extended and, last but not least, full capacity lifting.

In the standard rear-cab assemblies that can be achieved with the RZ13TR, its rotation radius (limited to a maximum of 1290 mm with central seat) allows you to make the most of the vehicle’s bodywork, allowing you to choose a more suitable wheelbase for much more efficient, urban manoeuvrability. “The versatility of the command posts and of the controls themselves, available with different variants, guarantees the possibility of satisfying even the most complex needs which, in an increasingly specialised sector such as recycling, are of fundamental importance to accommodate and satisfy any request. The ductility of this crane is a great strength, which combined with its sturdiness and ease of use make it an excellent partner for profitable work.”


By Redazione Fassi
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