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Jun 30 ‘22

Fassi F1450R-XHP TECHNO. Make way for the new generation of cranes

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The F1450-HXP TECHNO marks the beginning of a new generation of cranes. A true leap in innovation that exalts the performance of the machine thanks to a combination of diverse and innovative functions and technologies.

There are in fact many elements that have come together for this exceptional result. The increase in dynamic control of working speed thanks to the new technology that manages and personalises the use of working areas in favour of lifting capacity. The new design for the extension block has also actively contributed to an improvement in vertical performance and the hydraulic circuit, with double feed, has enabled faster speed of handling. The advanced digital control system, the new display interface, the possibility to command stabilisers via radio controller and the new trim further optimise performance. Lastly, the system of folding pulleys on the winch, the possibility to add the new Fassi L82 jib and the excellent power-to-weight ratio complete the strengths of this revolutionary crane.

X-Design decagonal section

Thanks to the use of a lighter steel, the brand-new decagonal section of the extension arms, called “X-Design”, has made it possible to significantly reduce the overall weight of the crane. This has also led to an increase in machine performance: capacity is improved by up to 15% in the horizontal configuration, and up to + 70% in the vertical configuration, compared to models with the traditional hexagonal section.

The joints of the lifting arms of the crane have been completely redesigned thanks to the adoption of double jacks on the main and secondary joints. This element also made it possible to significantly improve performance compared to models in the same category.


Easier use of the crane with winch

Thanks to the creation of a new model of hydraulic extension called L826, using the crane with a winch is now easier for the operator. Above all, the actions of putting the crane at rest in configuration with winch and extension are simplified.


Double hydraulic circuit

The hydraulic system of the F1450R-HXP TECHNO has a double circuit with D900 digital distributors complete with double heat exchangers and a double oil tank of 250 litres each.

The presence of an XF system for the shutoff valves guarantees maximum operating speed and precise movement.

A rotation system with two gearmotors has also been provided to ensure maximum safety and rotation power.


The new electronic control system

The powerful new FX990 is the digital heart of the new electronic control system. This important Fassi innovation is based on intelligent functions and robotics logic for handling that make the cranes even safer and more efficient.

The main features are: an IP69K rating which corresponds to the highest degree of protection; a protective shell in die-cast aluminum; an operational temperature range between -40 and +85 degrees.

The new FX990 electronic control unit is smart connected: the connection lines have been upgraded to 3 CAN-bus and 2 Ethernet.

Thanks to the communication line connected to the sensors via Ethernet, the ability to manage large data flows has improved. Consequently, data processing responds brilliantly and instantaneously to the complexity of real-life work operations.


New display interface

The new display is equipped with an IP67 rating which ensures, among other things, watertightness in case of immersion of the device in water.

The display communicates with the CPU through an Ethernet line, making the display fast and effective.


Redesigned software function

The functional logic of the Techno range software has been completely redesigned in line with the principles of simplicity, performance and safety.

Its main functions are:

  • A new moment limiter
  • Work area management
  • New FSC (Fassi Stability Control)
  • JDP (Jib Dual Power)
  • PSC (Platform Stability Control)
  • Manual Extensions Limiter
  • Electric outrigger control
  • IoC

Stability control

The new Techno generation has been designed to facilitate ad hoc stability control, making it one of the top performers in the articulated crane market.

The new FSC Techno stability system combines the two FSC H and FSC SII control systems. This allows it to be used applying the logic of the crane extensions’ performance capacities and in proportion with the outriggers. Compared with just using the FSC H system, the FSC Techno stability system has the advantage of not having a defined number of steps but providing continuous proportional control of the outrigger extensions.

If the operator requires it and the working parameters allow it, it is possible to select the function mode linked to the inclination sensor at the same time.

Work areas

It is possible to define countless crane work areas, both when the set-up requires power downgrades and also geometrically by creating virtual truck bodies as is done with the CCD function.

Moment limiter

The placement of the moment limiter on a main jack and a second pressure transducer makes the reading it gives more accurate, leading to improvements in performance.

Automation of JDP and XP systems

In all Techno versions, the activation of the JDP and XP takes place automatically thanks to the presence of the FX990 system which autonomously recognises the conditions for which activation is required.

PSC function

Improved PSC (Platform Stability Control) function increases the operating capabilities of the crane in basket mode.

New IoC system

The IoC system represents a step forward in speed and power compared to the previous version. It acts as a WiFi router that allows the crane to communicate wirelessly with any mobile device.


By Redazione Fassi
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