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Mar 27 ‘24

The TECHNO range grows with the new F1250R-HXP

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The new crane integrates the best of the TECHNO range’s innovations, from digital control to the cutting-edge display interface, to the decagonal design of the secondary boom and extension booms

In a concentration of technology and innovation, the F1250R-HXP TECHNO represents the pinnacle of the new TECHNO range.

This model incorporates all the leading innovations, from advanced digital control solutions to the cutting-edge display interface, from stability control to the decagonal design of the secondary boom and extension booms, as well as the innovative dynamic lift control system. However, what further distinguishes this crane is its possible use of nine telescopic extensions.

Constantly attentive to anticipating customer needs and to making its mark on the history of the lifting industry with revolutionary solutions, Fassi Gru has confirmed its commitment to expanding its range of knuckle-boom cranes. The F1250R-HXP TECHNO model, with its innovative solutions, embodies evolution and progress in the world of knuckle-boom cranes, guaranteeing superior performance and unparalleled effectiveness.


The design of the extension group has been completely updated, significantly contributing to vertical development performance. Furthermore, the version with nine telescopic extensions represents a never-before-seen innovation in the Fassi crane sector, facilitating an exceptional reach of up to 40 metres vertically and 35 metres horizontally with the addition of the L616 hydraulic jib. With the crane folded in the rest position, the geometrical design of the arms to fit under the truck floor does not limit the use of customisable spaces, for storage compartments, tanks or other uses. This is a significant advance in extensibility that opens up new possibilities and challenges when lifting heavy loads.


The FX990 control unit is one of the salient features of this TECHNO crane. Thanks to the three dedicated CAN-bus lines, the unit optimally manages the sensors, controls and connection to the vehicle, making considerable use of available resources. But the innovations don’t end there: two Ethernet lines further expand connectivity and processing power, giving Fassi a pioneering role in the sector. This allows for new solutions, such as connection to the FX991 7″ colour touchscreen display and the gateway unit with multi-connectivity for the IoC (Internet of Cranes) function and other future innovations.


Stability is one of the key elements of the new F1250R-HXP TECHNO. The FSC-TECHNO stability control system, derived from the combination of the performance of the FSC-H and FSC-SII systems, guarantees precise and reliable control. Furthermore, thanks to the geometric monitoring of all the crane articulation points (main boom,

secondary boom and extension booms), the mechanical endstop of the movement jack of the joint itself is managed in a “soft” way through the progressive deceleration in the last millimetres of travel. By managing the movement, this function (called SoftTend) will enable an increase in speed, simultaneously cancelling

the dangerous triggering of load oscillations caused by the impact of the mechanical endstop.

It will also be possible to create compartmentalised work areas, thereby increasing safety and relieving the operator from having to monitor these areas for possible interference, allowing them to pay more attention to load movement.

These innovations not only improve safety, but also increase work efficiency and reduce the risk of damage to the load or obstructions adjacent to the work area.

By Redazione Fassi
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