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Mar 27 ‘24

Fassi trials teleoperation that revolutionises the operation and control of cranes

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Fassi is pushing the boundaries of innovation, thanks to the research project for the development of an automation-based crane drive with delocalised control. This revolutionary technology, previewed during the last edition of Bauma 2023, was developed by Fassi researchers and scientists from the JOiiNT Lab, the robotic laboratory set up within the Kilometro Rosso technology park, of which Fassi is a Champion company, i.e. not only does it contribute financially to the JOiiNT LAB, but actively participates with its staff in technical development.

The innovative proposal is based on a sophisticated teleoperation and control framework which has made it possible, for example, to control a Fassi crane located in Bergamo in real time from the Smart Lab of the Intellimech Consortium in Munich, covering a distance of over 300 km as the crow flies.

This technology not only revolutionises the way lifting and object handling operations are conducted, but also opens up new horizons in the sector. The visual immersion guaranteed by the viewers and the immediate reactivity of the joysticks allow operators to control the crane as if they were physically present on site.

The possibilities offered by this system are wide and varied. It is a synergistic connection between advanced technologies, hardware and algorithms, with the aim of improving efficiency, safety and environmental impact in the context of crane handling.

Although the project is still in the development phase, Fassi estimates that this innovative technology could become a reality in the coming months. It is a project that promises to radically transform the way in which we interact with cranes, allowing precise and reliable remote control and leading to greater automation in the future of construction sites, especially in difficult to reach locations or in dangerous conditions.

Rossano Ceresoli, Fassi R&D Manager

“Fassi Gru has placed particular emphasis on the interconnection of technologies, thanks to the collaboration with the JOiiNT Lab. This research laboratory focuses on excellence in different sectors, including advanced robotics, seeking to apply technological progress in the world of cranes. Innovation arises from the synergistic integration of existing technologies that are not yet widely spread in the sector, demonstrating Fassi Gru’s constant commitment to tackling complex challenges and bringing forward disruptive innovations.

Fassi R&D has developed a method and a model that uses data analysis to identify innovative solutions efficiently and safely. Safety is a central value for the Fassi Group, which considers each crane as part of a complex ecosystem, promoting solutions that guarantee the safety of operators and the surrounding environment”.

Intellimech and JOiiNT Lab

INTELLIMECH is a Consortium of high-tech companies dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the field of mechatronics of which Fassi is a member and founder. The Consortium includes advanced electronics, computer and ICT systems and mechanical design for applications in a wide range of industrial sectors.

JOiiNT LAB is a joint laboratory between the Italian Institute of Technology and the Intellimech Consortium, promoted by Confindustria Bergamo, Kilometro Rosso and the University of Bergamo. Founded in 2020, it is aimed at the transference of technology and creating a synergy between the world of research and industrial demands. The innovation processes are led by nine Champion companies, including Fassi, which provide the fields of application for the technologies developed in the laboratory.

By Redazione Fassi
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