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Jun 16 ‘22

A Fassi F420XP crane lifts elephant sculptures

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Cheltenham (UK) – The Fassi UK customer K&S Transport Services, a family run business based in Tewkesbury, had its motto: ‘if it can be lifted, we can move it’ put to the test this time last year when the team transported a herd of wooden Elephant sculptures to Sudeley Castle, near Cheltenham.

The Elephant Family were part of a touring environmental art campaign by Co-Existence, which highlights the plight of animals in danger of extinction. The installation’s aim was to illustrate how animals and humans can live together in society.

The company used their truck-mounted FASSI F420XP crane to lift the elephants onto the vehicle on which they were transported to the castle grounds from a Cotswolds farm. From the medium-duty range, the crane is a great companion for the job as it is extremely dynamic. The XP system can overcome complex situations without compromising the performance or safety of the crane. K&S Transport’s Keith Hall said: ‘We had cars following us trying to get a photo. It’s not every day that you get the chance to carry out a lift such as this, it was a real buzz.’

By Redazione Fassi
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