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Apr 14 ‘22

FX990, Fassi’s new electronic control unit

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Fassi is once again a technological pioneer. The new FX990 control unit marks a passage to Ethernet communication and sees the introduction of a series of innovations that are the result of years of research

In 2000, Fassi was the first company in the sector to introduce an electronic system on a crane and data transmission via CAN-bus. This marked the beginning of a period of digital innovation, technological solutions and devices for automation. 20 years on, Fassi is once again a forerunner and a pioneer for a new technological generation, and the first company in the sector to use an Ethernet standard. This translates into a more powerful control unit with higher data processing capacity.
This is the FX990, Fassi’s new electronic control unit characterised by processing power and flexibility in terms of intelligent functions and control. All of this is made possible by 5 connection types, two of which are Ethernet and the other three CAN-bus.
The new control unit lies at the heart of a new system that also includes a new electrical and hydraulic system, a new Fassilim, a new touchscreen display and a new IoC.
It is available on the recently released TECHNO range (from the F600RA.2 upwards), beginning with the F1450R.2 HXP-TECHNO.

By Redazione Fassi
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