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Jan 26 ‘20

Ampliroll Hooklift Dealer Feature: T. SANCHEZ LTD. OF LEDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY

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Fleet operators and other truck owners in and around New Jersey will find no better source for truck bodies and equipment than T. Sanchez Ltd.

Founded by Antonio Sanchez and located in Ledgewood, New Jersey, the company has been meeting the needs of truckers for nearly 40 years with equipment installations, complete builds and repair services. Quality and service are keys to satisfying so many customers for such a long period.

“We offer truck equipment, truck bodies and truck parts from all of the leading suppliers,” said Tony Sanchez, Jr., Sales Manager. “It’s likely we have what you need in stock. But, if not, we can get it for you quickly given the excellent relationships we’ve built over the years.”

Installing America’s leading truck equipment brands — including Ampliroll

Beau-Roc, Blizzard Snowplows, Good Roads, Ice Go Way, Roll-Rite, Truck Bodies and Switch-N-Go are just a few of the top names carried by T. Sanchez Ltd. So is Ampliroll.

Recognised as a leader in the trucking industry, Ampliroll-brand hydraulic hooklifts bring many advantages for contractors, landscapers, municipal services, road commissions, waste collectors and others.

When equipped with an Ampliroll hooklift, a single cab-and-chassis can load, transport and unload as many different truck bodies as needed. This might mean a demountable dumper body one day, a flatbed the next, a waste container the day after, and so on.

Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklifts let users make the most of their investments. Many take advantage of Ampliroll hook loaders to minimize purchase costs, licensing fees and insurance expenses.

Reviewing the many benefits of Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklift Systems

“Roll-on bodies also allow fleet managers to gain maximum use of their trucks from a minimum number of drivers,” said Sanchez. “That’s a major savings in and of itself. Of course, finding, training and keeping drivers in today’s labor market is another challenge. A hydraulic hooklift solution like Ampliroll can be a big plus.”

Cable loaders offer some of the benefits of demountable hooklifts such as Ampliroll, but not all. The differences are efficiency and safety.

Ampliroll Hooklift operators don’t have to leave the cab to hook and unhook cables. With truck cab-mounted controls, they can also avoid operating the system outdoors. This saves several minutes with every loading and unloading sequence.

For operations involving scrap metal recyclers and waste haulers dealing with multiple containers left onsite for pickup once filled, the greater efficiency of Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklift Systems can mean several extra loads per day.

By Andy Jansma
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