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Jul 12 ‘19

Safety and control drive Fassi’s innovation

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Fassi guides innovation and does so by placing the operator at the centre of its design choices. Digital innovation linked to mechatronics works to facilitate and make the operators’ work even safer through the development of increasingly intuitive interfaces and systems that allow them to communicate with the machine.

The applications and technologies developed internally by Fassi can be activated by remote control or automatically according to specific operating conditions. This shifts the operator’s actions to where they are needed, or where the crane lifts or moves. Thanks to the introduction of these innovations, the crane is no longer just a work tool, but has become an extension of the user’s will and perception. For example, through a connection and a remote control, the operator now can control the truck with the crane’s remote control as well as the machine’s condition and load movements, he can request remote assistance and can open or close the crane. All this can be carried out in maximum safety thanks to sensors that, for example, automatically block the crane booms from coming too close to the truck cab.


– The operator is at the centre of design decisions

– Development of increasingly intuitive human-machine interfaces

– Development of advanced systems that allow dialogue with the crane

– Development of systems that control risks

– Development of systems that provide continuous feedback on the condition of the crane



FX-Link. A system developed with the aim of optimising the connectivity between crane and truck. In practice, it controls the truck from the crane’s remote control and the state of the crane from the truck’s dashboard, developing new integrated command/control functions. 

AWC, Automatic Winch Control. Through a network of dedicated wireless sensors, this system detects the telescopic movements of the extensions when the crane’s secondary jib is horizontal to the ground, automatically keeping a constant distance between the pulley between the eyelet at the tip of the crane and the lifting hook.

ACF, Automatic Crane Folding. This new system allows the crane to be opened and closed automatically. For example, it simplifies the return to rest sequence.

CCD, Cabin Collision Detection. The system uses position sensors to monitor the movements of the crane booms, detecting their distance from the truck cab and automatically locking them when they approach it dangerously.

IMC, Integral Machine Control. The digital brain of Fassi cranes which coordinates and manages the best operating conditions (in addition to the crane’s safety devices) through sophisticated electronics, to ensure optimal performance and machine control in relation to the working situations.

GAS, Grabe Automatic Shake. Adjustable, automatic bucket shaking system that allows the bucket to be gradually emptied using the remote control.

FX901, Touch Screen Display. 7″ graphic colour display screen with touchscreen technology that allows detailed information on the crane’s stabilisation and working conditions to be displayed. 

IoC, Internet of Cranes. With this system patented by Fassi, all the cranes equipped with the special device are “online”, allowing the operator to count on an always active assistance service that optimises maintenance times and costs.

By Rossano Ceresoli
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