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Sep 14 ‘20

SPX650: all the cranes you need

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The new multifaceted mini crane by Jekko has finally arrived and was officially presented on 30th July with a live streaming event.

Jekko has welcomed the latest addition to its range, SPX650, the 5 ton mini crane with a maximum reachable height of 23.5 m (with jib) which embodies many state-of-the-art innovations and promises to become a flagship model of the Treviso-based company. Thanks to the experience gained over the last two years with SPX532 and SPX1280, Jekko could concentrate in one machine the best features and the most advanced technical solutions already successfully applied in the two best-selling models.

SPX650 boasts cutting edge stabilisation and hydraulic systemsnew hydraulic jib and runner jib (with plug & play attachment), a lithium battery power supply and a handy radio remote control. Besides that, the crane features other important functionalities such as the possibility of working either with hook or winch, the extendable tracks, the availability of pick & carry mode and the telemetry system J-Connect. And all this without neglecting the design and quality materials, with a close attention to detail.

“The idea behind new SPX650 comes from the market needs. – explains Mr. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko Export Sales Manager – Our customers were looking for medium size mini crane, with a length of the boom over 20 m and a very good lifting capacity. Operators were asking for a crane that can work both indoor and outdoor, suitable in many job sites: glazing, curtain walls  installation, steel erection, industrial maintenance. So we analysed both what the competition was offering and our own range, and the result is SPX650”.

By Alberto Franceschini
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