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Jul 17 ‘20

13 years of history for Fassi in Portugal

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Fassi on one side and Fassi Portugal on the other. Italy and Portugal, specifically Leiria, located a short distance from Lisbon. Two countries separated by over 2,000 kilometres but united by a common history that has continued for 13 years, specifically from 1st April 2007 when the first importer of Fassi loader cranes was established in the heart of Portugal. Since then, figures, case studies, sales and new sectors have been growing, amounting to an average of 45-60 cranes sold every year.


“The Portuguese market has evolved over the years,” explains Rafael Baptista, the manager of Fassi Portugal. “Mainly for the biggest cranes with accessories like winches, jibs and baskets.  The demand for marine cranes and for those that satisfy the growing needs of the recycling sector has also increased.”


And many different sectors have seen Fassi cranes and the Portuguese distributor in the foreground in recent years: “Nowadays the markets requesting Fassi cranes are mainly those of transport, marine, construction, rental services and recycling,” continues Baptista. “Thanks to their versatility and their level of technological innovation, these cranes can satisfy the needs of various sectors, adapting to many of the customers’ requests.”


New sectors then, but also higher requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and technology. “The market,” says the Fassi Portugal manager, “requires efficient cranes with a good ratio between weight and load capacity. Furthermore, the development of technology and safety has remarkably improved the interaction between operator and crane.”


The establishment of the Fassi Group has brought even more value and energy to the growth of Fassi in Portugal. “The arrival of the group on the market,” Baptista concludes, “was extremely important for us. With the new brands and the new products, we have managed to enter into different sectors and opportunities.”

By Rafael Baptista
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