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Jun 20 ‘20

The curtain is raised on Marrel’s new headquarters

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The 100th anniversary. Marrel has celebrated its first 100 years of history with a new “home” in Andrézieux-Bouthéon. It is a very modern 1400-square-metre building that brings together the company’s technical, research & development, commercial and administrative functions. This base is added to the 25-thousand-square-metre plant and the showroom.

The building was opened this September as part of the celebrations for the company’s centenary, in the presence of more than 550 guests, welcomed by Marrel’s president Roger Boutonnet, and the CEO Jérôme Semay.

The headquarters were designed in a manner that involved the employees in identifying everyone’s needs and creating an open and more stimulating environment.


Marrel is currently the world leader in the hooklift and hydraulic cylinder sector, with 50% of sales coming from abroad and a commercial presence in 46 countries around the world.


The main commercial and technical managers from the 120 French and international dealerships visited the 25,000-square-metre Marrel plant, its 3 production units and the 300-square-metre showroom that retraces the company’s ten decades of history.



Jérôme Semay, CEO of Marrel

“The culture of innovation is part of the DNA of Marrel. Antoine Marrel, the co-founder, already had the idea of revolutionising transportation by inventing the hooklift system. Since then, the company has grown thanks to its endless desire to keep on innovating. Furthermore, the Ampliroll® hooklift represented an important step forward in the industrial bodywork industry in 1970. Now, hearing the Marrel brand or the Ampliroll® hooklift mentioned all around the world helps us realise how this inventiveness is our “X-factor”! So yes, I realise how vital it is for Marrel to continue to carry forward this spirit in our market. We work with this objective every day, providing ourselves with the means to take on the challenge.”



Roger Boutonnet, President of Marrel

“The alliance with the Fassi Group has opened up new commercial opportunities, and the new headquarters in Andrézieux-Bouthéon allows us to combine our forces, facilitating exchanges between research & development, quality, sales and production. All of this synergy that we are developing today is the key to Marrel’s success tomorrow!”




A new logo for Marrel

Marrel has not only renovated its headquarters. This process of renewal has started with communication, and the logo that represents the brand’s identity. It has again been a united effort, involving the marketing and design offices and the sales team in order to identify the objectives and ideas above all.

“The idea was not to forget the past, but to modernise our image,” explains Céline Castaldo, head of Communication and Marketing for Marrel. “We therefore wanted to respect the company’s identity. We have initially worked on the logo, headed notepaper, the company brochure, videos and on the layout of the showroom, and soon we will also be updating our website and all the rest of Marrel’s documentation.”

With regards to the logo, Marrel has kept the black, yellow and grey colours. The company’s own font has been created to represent the difference, durability and innovation of the brand, and the slogan “The strength of efficiency” has been added.

By Céline Castaldo
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