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Mar 05 ‘20

Cranab launches new grapple series for trucks

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Cranab is now introducing a brand-new series of grapples, adapted for truck cranes. The series consists of three sizes with the model designations CT35, CT40 and CT50, and complements the entire Cranab grapple programme.

“The grapples in our new truck programme have been optimised according to the needs that exist within the haulage sector. We have tested, test-driven and evaluated them in real conditions for just over a year and feel completely safe with the characteristics, performance and quality of the grapples. That’s why we are now starting serial production and sales,” says Micael Olsson, export sales manager for the On-Road segment at Cranab.

Light weight and compact design

The design work has placed major emphasis on handling and the weight of the grapples.

“Hunting down those extra kilos of weight is crucial when talking about trucks and we have minimised it without sacrificing performance and handling,” says Micael.

“We have worked hard on the thickness of materials and made them narrower than our other grapples.” The grapples easily penetrate down into the timber stacks and have excellent release properties. They are very easy to work with.

Loading and unloading

Grapples used on forwarders are designed for continuous operation and demanding work. A grapple on a mobile crane operates on a completely different frequency.

“Truck grapples are used in the loading and unloading of timber stacks on the vehicle and are not usually seen digging down into the ground, the way a grapple on a forwarder does. “Grapple requirements vary and truck grapples are optimised for their areas of use,” explains Micael.

Grapples for all types of crane and needs

The grapples fit not only Cranab’s mobile cranes but also those of other brands.

“We expect that these models will cover 90% of market demand for mobile crane grapples,” says Micael.

The most commonly used grapple in the programme is expected to be the CT40, but to suit all users’ needs there is also the smaller CT35 and the significantly larger CT50.

“The CT50 is unique and is designed to maximise each grapple operation and work as quickly as possible. It can pick up vast loads of timber at a time,” says Micael. “This grapple size is popular throughout Europe and the CT50 will be able to meet the requirements of the most demanding tasks,” explains Micael.

By Mattias Lundström
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