Fassi cranes for the rail sector with SVI

A Fassi F600RA he-dynamic loader crane used on the track is a great option for maintenance in the rail sector

The growth of the European high-speed rail system, the revival of the competitiveness of rail freight transport and the sustainability of a system that is significantly greener than air and road transport are all conditions that support the rail sector. With this in mind, the collaboration between SVI of Lucignano (a Tuscan company specialising in the production of railway vehicles for the construction and maintenance of the railway network) and Fassi is experiencing a phase of intense collaboration and growth.

One of the main activities carried out by the cranes used on railroad tracks is to move the trellises and pylons that support the overhead lines, as shown in the picture. Specifically, the crane used for the work is a Fassi F600RA, which has a lifting capacity of 56.78 t/m in the two-extension version and a hydraulic reach of 20.6 m in the eight-extension version.

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